Did you know, by age 30, you have lost almost half of your Stem Cell Activity? And by age 60, you will lose almost all of your Stem Cell Activity?

Well now, have you heard? About a new, affordable stem-cell activation technology?

Well... it's here, and it just keeps getting better...

The longer you use this product, the bigger difference it makes.
Because it isn't like those risky, expensive stem-cell injections you might have heard of.
This is simply stimulating YOUR OWN stem cells, (without painful, expensive injections) so they can go to work and do what they are meant to do--even reversing the detrimental effects of aging; making you Feel, Look and Live Younger.
The testimonials we're seeing every day are pretty incredible. For instance, some of the best stories we hear from people are the ones, where a person's life has been hindered by some kind of issue that prevents them from doing something they once loved to do. They're not sure if they'll ever be able to do it again... but when they try our product, it completely resolves that issue, and they're able to get back to doing what they love.


Here's a few of such stories...


"I am just excited to share my experience. It has been a while since I've been able to do any baking, due to numbness of my upper extremities, some shoulder and back pain, and vertigo. I want to thank my friend for introducing this amazing product to me... In just less than a week, my numbness is gone and even my vertigo! Now I am finally able to bake again. Thank You Lord for this technology!"


-- Elvira D


"In my twenties I spent a lot of time in the sun and the front of my lower thighs have had rougher skin as a result. I don’t think I am imagining this, but I have started to notice the skin is becoming more elastic and smooth. It feels like the right amount of oil is in my skin. It is hard to describe. I can even see in my forearms the skin elasticity has increased and skin on my hands appears more supple."


--- Angela K


"I haven't been able to walk up the stairs in years. I mean I've had to do one step at a time. I had toxic black mold poisoning which attacks the muscles. So, 2 days on the product and I walk up the stairs!... I knew intuitively that this is what I was waiting for, so I am most excited to be part of this team!"

-- Phyllis G


And it's not just for people...


"Our cat has this horrible skin condition and has benign tumors all over his body that are getting out of control. They say there is nothing they can do, and if they surgically remove them at $200 a piece they will just grow back. They continue to grow and are spreading all over his body. We put the light-product on a towel and laid it on him throughout the day. And found that some of the tumors have shrunk down considerably in just three weeks!"


-- Trisha S 


Also, let's hear it from an author with a form of blindness...

Legend of the Dewberry Harvester

Diagnosed with a form of blindness in my early twenties with Retinitis Pigmentosa and Usher Syndrome, I've had difficulty with focus due to the loss of side (peripheral) vision and seeing at night. The top, bottom and side, so-called 'shadowing' that often surrounds my focus, is like looking through a paper-towel roll (optometrists call it, 'tunnel vision'). Along with this, are the nagging floaters, like zillions of black flies darting about me all day. “You're actually seeing behind the eye, seeing 'cells' floating about you,” an optometrist once told me.


"Upon hearing that others have experienced clearer vision through the use of this drug-free technology, I decided to try it myself. After several months of using this drug-free technology (along with my multivitamin, smoothie and healthy diet supplements), I have begun to notice the floaters in my eyesight have lessened...


"And I hope with continual use of the product that the other areas of my sight will improve! I'm glad to say that my husband and I have not only had the best sleep, energy and stamina in years too, but have become distributors of this amazing technology so we can share and help others as well!"


-- Jan E



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