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Jan has discovered the most advanced nutritional products, made with only the purest, highest quality, results-driven ingredients on the planet - that can benefit everyone. Products that are not only half the price of other companies, but are good (naturally safe!) for the body, and delivers results!

Any of These Sound Familiar?

  • Decreasing Sleep Quality
  • Mental Fatigue
  • Weight Gain
  • Decline In Your Energy Levels
  • Muscle Loss
  • Saggy Baggy Skin
  • Wrinkles
  • Lowered Sex Drive
  • Loss Of Vitality For Life
  • Depression
  • Slower To Heal From Injuries
  • Hair Loss
  • Elevated Cholesterol...


Check out the testimonials (permission granted from customers/members) we're seeing every day with these amazing (affordable and naturally-safe) nutritional products that Jan is also using...


"... I've been really getting into these products lately for health, but especially this Collagen over the past 3 weeks as it is meant to be good for bone, joint and muscle health. In the first week, I noticed changes to my skin, and shed a lot of skin, and my nails started to grow quite quickly and stronger. Now I've noticed changes to my knee and the muscles of that leg. No pain and the muscle is not as stiff. I can walk almost normal again. It's been a long road to recovery, but I think I have found the extra boost that I needed to make a full recovery. (And to think that doctors were talking about cutting my leg off...)"

-- Margaret F



"... has lower back pain and bad ankles; years ago he broke his ankle from accident; so he has pain most of the day! I told him about Factor 4 ... said, "I want to try it!" I gave it to him yesterday, so just 2 days he has not had any pain, and he doesn't have to take Ibuprofen anymore! He wants 2 more bottles!" 😍

--- Amy C



"Since I started to drink this coffee, I have lost almost 5 pounds; I have plenty pounds to get rid of, but I have just started to drink this coffee exactly for 7 days. It gives me lots of energy and my mind is clear and more focused. So I'm looking forward to see what the other products will do for my body, mind and soul!" l❤️🙏

--- Katja B



"I began taking the Super Reds and Super Greens daily about two months ago. As of today, I have lost 5 lbs, cut my blood pressure medication dose in half. I wake up every morning, feeling mentally awake and charge the day!... Blood work done and my total cholesterol level dropped 33 points!!!... My glucose also dropped from 101 to 92! I feel SUPER!!!"

--- Tracy G



"My husband and I take two Magnesium and a dropper full of the CBD right before bed time, and we have had the best sleep than we have in years. We fall asleep quickly and stay asleep for a full 7-8 hours. AMAZING!!!" 😴

--- Cindy D



Also, hear it from the author with a form of blindness...

Legend of the Dewberry Harvester

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"Diagnosed with a form of blindness in my early twenties with Retinitis Pigmentosa and Usher Syndrome, I've had difficulty with focus due to the loss of side (peripheral) vision and seeing at night.The top, bottom and side, so-called 'shadowing' that often surrounds my focus, is like looking through a paper-towel roll (optometrists calls it, 'tunnel vision'). Along with this, are the nagging floaters (like zillions of little black flies darting about me all day). 'You're actually seeing behind the eye,' the optometrist told me.


"After few months of using these drug-free products (along with smoothies and my other healthy regimens), I have begun to notice the dryness, even the floaters in my eyesight have lessened... (Definitely a need for a writer!) And I hope, with continual use of these products that the other areas of my sight will improve! However, I have noticed too that I'm getting a good-night's sleep."


--- Author, Jan Ezelle

Even Jan's 'Begetarian' is religiously nuts over her veggies!

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